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We rarely think about the importance of fairy tales. It is just something that we should read to our children, but we rarely think why this tradition is keeping on. Nowadays, we even have certain theories that fairy tales are bad for children, as they give them the unrealistic worldview. But is it so? Are fairy tales important to society in general? If so, why?

Why do women in Ukraine read so many fairy tales to their children? It seems quite difficult to believe that something written ages ago may have any appeal nowadays, but it does, as psychologically the humanity have made little to no progress since the medieval times. But enough with the general relevance of ancient stories, let's delve into why fairy tales are important for kids.

The crucial point in why fairy tales are important for children is that they boos child's imagination. The ability to think creatively is not just for making up stories and create games. Thanks to the creative appeal it would be easier for your kid to pick the right education, career or even lifestyle for himself/herself. 

Moreover, imagination helps your kid to solve certain problems that he or she may come across in life. Besides, fairy tales makes education way more interesting for your child, as they cultivate the curiosity required to learn new things and experience new things.

Telling Right from Wrong
One of the most important things that parents should teach their children is telling right from wrong. Unfortunately, our own examples may be useless for your kids unless they experience them. But you can teach them with fairy tales. Despite of fantastic content full of unicorns and witches, telling right from wrong is a moral backbone of each and every fair tale. Y

ou may wonder how your kid is going to learn teaching good from evil with fantastic story, but the answer is way easier than you might have thought. Fairy tales give a child an understanding of right and wrong by implication, rather than via direct teaching. 

Moreover, in the vast majority of fairy tales good triumphs over evil, thus making your kid wanting to be a hero, rather than villain. The triumph of good over evil, also prevents your kid from growing to be a pessimist and teaches him or her to hope for better.

Critical Thinking
As you can see from the previous point, fairy tales can help your child to develop critical thinking. While you may argue and say that a kid is just a kid, your child is actually able to link actions with their consequences. Most of the fairy tales show that things that happen to the characters depend on the choices they make. If someone is acting irresponsible, he or she will get punished. If someone is being mean to someone, his or her attitude would backfire. Kids do understand it. 

You may not worry about the fact that not all of the fairy tales' characters are good role models for your kid. Some characters are constantly getting into troubles, and, obviously you don't want your kid to repeat that. But you shouldn't worry, as the main thing that stories like that teach is that whenever something bad happens to you, you need to make right decisions. And when you make the right decision, you can get out from the bad situation that you are in.

Now you can see why are fairy tales important. You shouldn't underestimate the ability of your kid to understand the fairy tale, so ready any fairy tale that he or she likes. In the same time, be ready to answer the kid's question about the story that you've read to him or her. And don't forget that aside from being important for your kids, fairy tales are just a lot of fun for them.

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